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Launching point

Want to know more about ONEeighty and how you belong?

Launching Point is a one-day conference held on a Saturday.  The conference consists of exciting, Christ-centered teachings and worship!
Throughout this day, we will hear from our pastor, Gresh Harbuck, and other staff members and owners. Together, we will learn about ONEeighty’s core values and mission statement.  
We will learn how to become a disciple of Jesus Christ, how to live the Christian life day-to-day, discover and understand our spiritual gifts, and learn how to go from being an attender to becoming an owner!
At the heart of this conference, our prayer is that this day will be a “launching point” of your life with Christ and engagement with His body, the Church. We want to help you connect with other like-minded believers, while also aiding you in discovering your place in the body of Christ! We firmly believe that God created each of us with a unique purpose and plan.

Upcoming Launching Point

August 20th

Ready to attend Launching Point?